Alternative Business Funding for forward thinking companies

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Funding solutions for forward thinking companies.

A Guide to Solutions for your Business Finance

As a business owner it is vital you stay on top of your finances. There are plenty of financial products to aid your business in yoru venture for success. Loans come in many forms, some with security attached, and these are a product made to give you an injection of cash. The use of the new funds in your business is up to you, perhaps an expansion, or maybe consolidate some of your debt. Similarly to a Business Loan, a Business Line of Credit allows you to spend up to a set maximum credit limit, You will then pay back these borrowed funds with interest. This is sometimes known as Revolving Credit Facility.

Invoice Finance is a product that allows you to access funds credited to you invoices removing the stress of lengthy payment terms. We can support business owners in all stages of their growth, from new starts to those trading for 20+ years. Limited Companies and Partnerships can acquire funding through our panel of lenders, for working capital, business expansion (such as recruiting staff, or purchasing an asset) or ongoing projects.

With Asset Finance products, there are two main types. One works similarly to a financing agreement, where an asset is acquired, with the payment made over time. This is subject to interest, which is typically around 2%. This allows you access to an asset you perhaps could not afford, if you were only able to make payment as a lump sum on day one. Some business assets, such as large vehicles and plant, can be very expensive, but vital to the growth of your business. With the right asset finance facility, you could unlock the next step up in your business venture.

The other form of asset finance is more simple. It is known as asset refinance, and it involves security against assets. With a refinancing facility, you will gain an injection of cash into your business, via a loan secured against an asset the company had purchased previously. This works similarly to a Secured Loan, which would more typically be secured against a property. With a maximum Loan to Value of 90 percent, you could free up almost all of the value tied up in an asset you own. This can be used to boost your working capital, funding new projects, or purchasing other assets/equipment.

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Reasons to Borrow

Working Capital
Business Expansion
New starters
Cash Flow Problems
New Assets/ Equipment
Management Buyouts
CCJS/ Supplier Pressure
Rejections from your bank

Other forms of funding

There are plenty of more abstract forms of
business funding. Crowdfunding is a form of funding based upon people and donations. There are plenty of platforms across the web that provide crowdfunding services, although this is  largely a popularity and marketing based form of funding. The most popular crowdfunding platform is GoFundMe. Of course, this isn't the only platform, or method of increasing working capital through publicity. Social Media can also be used as a great platform to promote donations to your cause.

Investment is another abstract form of business funding. This can work in multiple ways, such as an Angel Investor, or a Venture Capitalist. These essentially work to inject funds into your business in exchange for shares or a percentage of profits. Some investors will have an active role in the business, where others are known as 'silent', allowing you to run the business as you always have.

Alternative Business Funding for Small Businesses

Funding for Start-ups can be available in a few different offers. Start-up loans are a funding solution to help new businesses begin trading. Traditional business loans can be difficult to acquire within the first 6 months of trading, as most lenders ask for a high turnover, or 12 months successful trading history. If you haven’t yet achieved this level, a new starter loan may be your best option. These loans are unsecured, so no assets will be held under the product, although a Personal Guarantee will be taken, making you personally liable for repaying the full loan amount plus the agreed interest amount.

Companies with a turnover of under £6.5 million classify as a small business, but the average turnover of businesses across the UK is around £505,000. There are thousands of small businesses in the UK, and all of which have access to funding. The most common products for small businesses are Invoice Finance, and Business Loans. These can both be put in place to boost your working capital, and cash flow.


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